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Hotel Odense is part of Odense Sport & Event (OS&E). But who are OS&E - and what opportunities does it offer you as a supplier or business partner?

In short, Odense Sport & Event was founded on 1 May 2006 as a merger between Odense Congress Center (OCC) and Odense Boldklub. Since then, the "family" has grown to include:

OB Soccer club
OCC og Hotel Odense (conference centre and hotel)
Live Culture (concert agency)
Smag&Smil (Corporate and event catering)
Hotel Odeon (business hotel in the centre of Odense)
Stella Maris ( an upscale restaurant and seaside hotel by Svendborg strait)
Odense Fairy Tale Golf (27-hole Challenge Tour course close to the city centre)

All companies in OS&E work closely together with one goal: to deliver unrivalled experiences and unique moments to hundreds of thousands of people at home and abroad.

Common to everything we do is that the bar is set high in everything we do: trade fairs, football matches, hotel visits, concerts, corporate events or one of the many other events that OS&E organises every year.

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Unique agreements

We know that your business cannot be standardised, which is why you can rest assured that we'll create a deal that you'll want to shake hands on.

More than just a key

Green Key

We care about the environment and if your company does the same, you'll be pleased to know that we are Green Key certified. Green Key is only awarded to companies that actively work to improve the environment.

This certification is only awarded to companies that actively work towards environmental improvements.

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