Green Commitment

At Hotel Odense we believe that we can make an active difference when it comes to both the environment and climate. We have several ongoing sustainability initiatives and are always on the lookout for new ones.

A key to going green

Green Key

We are proud of our Green Key certificate! And with good reason. The certificate is tourism's international eco-label and is only awarded to companies that fulfil a number of green requirements.

Sleep with a good conscience


Our partnership with Tempur®, has several advantages. Firstly, it ensures our guests one of the most important things when staying in a hotel: a good night's sleep!

In addition, all TEMPUR®  beds are equipped with their pressure-relieving TEMPUR® top mattress, which is labelled with OEKO-TEX® Made in Green. This means that the mattress is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and under safe and socially responsible working conditions.

Last but not least, the mattresses are produced locally on Funen, which means short transport distances (actually only 30 km), so the environmental impact is also minimised.

The TEMPUR® beds can be found in the new part of Hotel Odense in the Comfort Double and Comfort Twin rooms.

Are you on top of your sorting?

Waste sorting

Waste sorting is a matter of course and a legal requirement in Denmark, which we of course support and actively promote among our guests.

There are waste sorting bins in all rooms and additional bins around the hotel, encouraging guests to think about how they sort their waste.

If you have any questions, we're ready to answer them and help you get started with sorting.

Solar cells


The new part of Hotel Odense is equipped with solar cells. It is one of the most sustainable ways to produce energy.

So when you visit the new extension, you can switch on the reading lamp with a clear conscience - a large part of the power comes from the sun's rays. Happy reading!


Charging points

In our car park you'll find 26 charging stations. So come and visit us with your electric car - we're ready with power so you can go green.